Four awesome ideas to update and refresh your kid’s bedroom decor with the Orms Print Room & Framing.

Kids are notorious for getting bored quickly and you might feel like you’re constantly having to buy new things to keep them occupied. With these easy Orms Print Room & Framing ideas, you can create a fun space for your little one to play in without redoing the whole room.

1. A little custom wallpaper goes a long way. Why not try printing wallpaper for a feature wall in your kid’s room? It won’t cost as much as doing all four walls, but is still as effective.

2. Create a light installation using our metal printing service. We print on just about any flat service (yes, even metal) and creating a nightlight for your little one is a unique way to create a warm environment with ample light whatever time of day. All you need to do is take your piece of metal to be die cut in whatever shape you desire at Impressive Designs, then bring it in to be printed on at the Orms Print Room & Framing. Once you get it back the only thing that remains is to simply install a bulb behind the backing and voilá – let there be light!

3. A custom table top. Using the same method as above, you can create a custom table top for your child to sit at and play, draw or eat – providing a constant source of creativity for your budding artist.

4. Remember we said you can print on pretty much any flat surface up to a certain size and thickness? Well, that opens up a whole new world of creativity! For example, using a wooden board as the surface to create a large board game, or in this case a road for your child’s playroom.

Tried these ideas? Let us know how they came out in the comment section below! Or even better, share them on Facebook and use the hashtag #iprintwithorms!

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