Local artist Richard Scott’s latest project aligns perfectly with Orms’ latest venture…

We gave artist Richard Scott a wall on our new latest Roeland Street venture, the new Orms building, to use as awareness for his latest traffic light campaign. Let’s hear what its all about…

“Ten years ago I was sitting at a traffic light and watched a beggar with a board asking for money. On the board was “PLEASE HELP – NO FOOD AT HOME – KIDS SCHOOL – ANYTHING PLEASE”. I thought that if I drew on that board he could get R1000 for it. Well, I decided to do something about it. In May I bought 50+ boards for R50 from people on the streets and gave them a new board. I will spray on these original boards and sell them at an exhibition.

In June I will spray 300 pieces of my own cardboard. In July I will go about selling these boards (works of art) on street corners and at robots for R50. Real value R1500. This money will go to a street woman’s organisation. So buy 10 if you see my team selling the artboards. That brings me to the street art murals you have been seeing. Well, there’s an unwritten rule in street art to not make money but use the street as a canvas for awareness and that’s why I freely paint on walls.

Yes, I’m a businessman, so the return on investment is in brand awareness. The life return is in giving, helping, having fun in life and spending time with friends, great people and drinking beer.”

So if you’ve seen Richard’s work anywhere around Cape Town, whether its on a wall or a board, this is what it’s all about. Keep up with Richard Scott’s work online by following him on Instagram here.



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