An opinion piece by photographer Andy Mumford, sharing his personal reasons for switching from a full frame Nikon kit to the Fuji X series.

More and more often we hear professional photographers make the switch from DSLR’s to a mirrorless camera system, or think about it. Given the cameras that are being produced by the likes of Fujifilm, Sony and Olympus, it’s no wonder many are tempted to do so. What’s always interesting, especially if you find yourself trying to weigh up the pro’s and con’s, is hearing why others decide to switch, or why a die-hard DSLR shooter might criticise those who do.

Naturally, there are many different reasons why people switch brands or camera systems, but as Lisbon-based photographer, Andy Mumford rightly states; “We are so lucky in our photography to be blessed with such a choice of incredible image-making machines, so it’s not about this being better than that. What it is about is finding a particular camera or camera brand that works really well for you, that you really enjoy using because there’s always an emotional element to it. And also, something that fits the need you have in your particular shooting style. Now for me, that’s the Fuji X series and what I want to talk about is why that camera brand works so well for me and what I do.”

Watch as Andy shares how he came to the decision to put down his beloved Nikon gear and make the switch to the Fuji mirrorless system.

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