Today we are back with Paris-based photographer and videographer Mathieu Stern as he shares 10 easy steps to more cinematic video footage.

Now, you might remember Mathieu from previous videos we shared; “Mathieu Stern printed a 3D lens and the images are exceptional” and “This haunting film was created by erasing everyone with Photoshop“.

We all know that video is the way forward, but with so many creators out there, how do you make your footage stand out from the crowd? It’s easy to think “oh I need this camera or that lens, THEN my footage will look better”. While that might be true, the reality is that you can work with what you’ve got. Even if it’s the smartphone in your pocket. We know many fantastic creators who only shoot on their mobile phones or with very limited equipment. The point is, nail these basics and you will already find your work has improved by leaps and bounds.

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