TateShots provides a behind the scenes glimpse into the process of Charlotte Prodger, 2018 Turner Prize-winning single-channel video entitled simply, ‘BRIDGIT’.

Since its inception in 1984, the Turner Prize has become a driving force in encouraging a wider interest in contemporary British artists and their work. The inspiration for the name can be traced back to nineteenth-century artist J.M.W. Turner, who in his day was considered innovative and controversial and who today is considered to be one of the greatest British artists.

2018 Turner prize-winning artist, Charlotte Prodger follows in the long history of producing innovative and controversial work through her single-channel video titled, ‘BRIDGIT’. Shot solely through the lens of her mobile phone, Charlotte uses technology available to almost every tech-savvy individual to create work that explores issues surrounding queer identity, landscape, language, technology and time.

In this episode of TateShots, we go behind the award-winning ‘BRIDGIT’ and are given a glimpse into the tactile thought process behind its inception and creation with artist Charlotte Prodger.

Join Charlotte as she allows us to dive into her creative process in this truly inspiring episode of TateShots. Be sure to keep an eye on The Tate Modern’s YouTube channelΒ and give it a subscribe to receive more inspiring interviews and videos!

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