Over the years, the development of digital cameras has resulting in some unique designs. DPReview has listed 10 interesting ones.

DPReview has published a great feature that looks at some of the more unique digital camera designs of the 21st century.

While many articles have been published that look back at classic film cameras and lenses, or some of the pioneering digital cameras, we haven’t really seen the same for digital cameras introduced in the 2000s, considering how recently some of these odd designs were introduced.

Overall, it’s a fascinating look at how camera designers engineered the devices around the technology limitations they faced, such as the Kodak V570 (image above, via Digital Camera Resource), which covered both ultra-wide and telephoto focal lengths by using dual lenses and dual sensors, or the Olympus E-330 DSLR that featured live-view through a complex series of mirrors and a dedicated live-view image sensor.

View the article here: Ten one-of-a-kind cameras from the 21st century on DPReview.

Here’s a few of our favourites from the feature, who all happen to be Olympus designs, as well as an addition of our own: the Sony Mavica, which didn’t make the list due to being released in the 90s.

Above: The Olympus Camedia is a digital camera that could print photos – not using inkjet and paper, but Polaroid instant film. That’s right, a digital camera that produced analog prints!

Above: The Olympus E10 fixed lens digital SLR with a telephoto lens attachment. Image by Dave Weikel.

Above: The Olympus E330 DSLR and its very complex optical path that allows for simultaneous live-view and optical viewfinder use – the first and last camera to offer this.

Above: One of the Sony Mavica digital cameras – the Mavica series recorded images onto very inconvenient 1.44 megabyte floppy discs.

View the rest of the cameras in the article on DPReview: Ten one-of-a-kind cameras from the 21st century.

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