The fashion and beauty industries are fast-paced and ever-changing. It takes a certain amount of grit and ambition to not only survive but excel. Paula B is one of the leading beauty and fashion content creators in South Africa, and it’s easy to understand why. In this insightful interview, we delve deep into Paula’s journey, exploring the inspiration behind her content, her go-to fashion and beauty tips, and her invaluable insights into the ever-evolving world of digital influence. Join us as we uncover the secrets to Paula’s success and discover the magic behind her captivating content creation journey.

Please share a bit about your journey into content creation.

I started as a blogger in 2014 as a mental escape from my studies. As much as I loved what I was studying, I needed a break, so naturally, I gravitated towards fashion and beauty. Blogging and Instagram weren’t as popular as it is now, and there were only a few of us back then. The blog started, and then YouTube followed a few years later, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Now, I get to call it my career!

What inspired you to start sharing your fashion and lifestyle content online?

I’ve always dreamed of becoming a fashion designer, so I would look to international ladies online for inspiration on what to wear and what’s trending. After a conversation with my parents and a friend about posting outfits online, I decided to take the leap of faith and share my looks online. The lifestyle part only started around 2017 when I decided to launch a YouTube channel. I started vlogging and sharing my life online as I noticed people took an interest in watching vlogs.

How has your style and content evolved since you started?

It’s changed so much since I started. I started when I was 21 and had zero sense of identity (including my very own likes and dislikes in fashion). I always tried to keep up with the trends, but as the years have gone by, I’ve slowly formed my own sense of style.


What have been the biggest challenges you’ve faced in building your brand and online presence?

This is a good question, as it may look quite easy or “put together” looking from the outside in. I’ve had to “sell” my capabilities to brands for them to work with me and believe in me. The beginning was tough because my brand was nowhere near where it is today, as I had a small following with zero follower trust. I had to pave the way for myself by opening up to brands and people to see my true personality and what I had to offer. And if you know me, I am quite a private person who used to be super introverted. But I had to push myself to network with people in important positions and push myself to talk on camera, etc.

How would you describe your personal style, and how does it reflect your personality?

I like to think that, in summer, I have a very boho-ish and laidback style, and in winter, it is more chic and elevated. Summer Paula is super chilled and mellow, and my outfits are a reflection of that laid-back feel. Whereas winter me is more focused and grinding, so I love a more chic look – coats, slacks, pointed pumps, etc. Between you and me, I love winter fashion so much more!


Can you walk us through your daily routine and how you balance work and personal life?

Each day looks different. No day will be the same when you’re in this industry. However, a typical day will look a bit like this: After waking up, I never check my mail first thing in the morning, as that’ll honestly cause me to become frazzled. So I’ll ease into the day with a coffee, a shower, and then check my social media. If I am shooting a campaign that day, I’ll prep for that in terms of my hair and makeup and then ensure that all my equipment is ready for shooting. That means that my memory cards need to be free, and all batteries are charged (nothing worse than wanting to film and your battery is exhausted). After filming, I’ll either need to go source at the mall or tend to my emails and editing. This is what takes up most of my day! Admin involves all the boring things – going through contracts, emails, and vendor forms, following up on payments, and more.

Who are your biggest inspirations in the fashion and lifestyle industry?

For the fashion and beauty industry, I take my hat off to Samantha Maria, Mia Randria, and Laura Jade Stone. When it comes to lifestyle, I look up to Nià the Light and Lola Adesina.


How do you choose which brands to collaborate with, and what has been your favorite collaboration to date?

When it comes to brands, it needs to be a brand that I align with. Not only do I need to be brand fit, but it works both ways. The brands that I work with are either those that I already buy from, or I would potentially like to align myself with. I also do a little background check to see if they’re on the right side of history and the world today, if you know what I mean.

What are your personal and professional goals for the next few years?

I’m not one to share my goals online, as I’ve had to learn the hard way with this. However, what I will share is that I am going to push ALLU a lot more in the next few months and years to come. In my personal life… Hmm.. Let’s just say that you’ll see what I get up to online 😉


What gear do you shoot with?

I am a Sony girl, through and through! I shoot with a Sony A7 III and my vlogging camera is the Sony ZV1. Most of my content is shot with these two (other than my phone, of course).

How do you engage with your community, and how has it shaped your content?

I always try my best to respond to most comments that people in my online community will leave me. I always try my best to get back to DMs. However, I find that the best way that I connect with people is through lives on TikTok or Instagram. I’m able to actually have full conversations and get to know more about others this way. I think it also helps because people are able to understand my personality better in these IG or TT live videos.

Paula B

What advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue a career in content creation?

Think about what it is that you truly want to do, and then pursue that. Whether it be in fashion, cooking, gardening, or beauty content. Whatever it may be, you need to make sure it’s something that you’re passionate about and won’t mind sharing content about over and over. Success won’t happen overnight, but consistency is key! Remain consistent in your posting and content creation, and always try to bring a form of education to the platform you’re posting on. For example, I always try to share my GRWM videos, showing people how you can pair new and different pieces together, or how to take care of their curls, etc.