“If you want to… CHANGE THE GAME. If you want to… BE DIFFERENT. If you want to… STAND OUT, you must go beyond the circle.” – Chase Jarvis

As photographers we’ve all been faced with this question, how do you set yourself apart? How do you stand out, what makes you different, what makes your work different and worth noticing? It’s certainly not an easy question to answer. That said, in this 10min video, photographer Chase Jarvis shares a relatively simple, but incredibly important piece of advice that can take your photography and ideas to the next level. Chase is an award-winning American photographer, director, artist, entrepreneur and the CEO of CreativeLive, an online education platform that he co-founded in 2010. As a photographer, he is known for his kinetic style and emphasis on lifestyle, sports, and landscape photo imagery. His client base includes brands like; Nike, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Samsung, Hewlett-Packard, Pepsi, McDonald’s, Red Bull – to mention but a few.

As Chase says, “If you look only in your industry for inspiration, you are going to be just like everybody else.” Watch as he explains how to change that, how to get yourself thinking outside the box and in a way that will make you stand out. If you are interested in the 30 Days of Genius series, make sure you check that out – fantastic information.