The Light Club are back with another simple explanation video, this time they’re showing the importance of using catchlight in portrait photography.

You may remember The Light Club from a previous post of ours all about the importance and influence of The Middle Line as a guide for producing eye-catching images. Well, they’re back with another great video all about the importance of your subject’s eyes in your portrait photography. But is it true what they say? Do eyes truly hold the secrets to powerful portraits? Let’s find out…

Considered a Master in the art world, Leonardo Da Vinci was an early pioneer of the catchlight. The catchlight, simply put refers to the light reflected in the eyes of the subject and when used properly proves the age-old idea that the eyes truly are the windows to our souls. You’ll see catchlight used from as early on as concept drawings in Da Vinci’s work and later put into practice in some of his most recognisable pieces.

But how do we go about utilising this elusive element in our portrait photography? The options are almost endless and are really dependant on where and whom you are photographing. From natural soft light to gently enhance, to soft boxes and strobes there truly are so many different ways to add this element of depth to your portraits.

This handy little video goes on to show what lighting setup award-winning portrait photographer Martin Schoeller uses to ensure his images truly hold your eyes and attention for as long as possible. Say goodbye to flat and lifeless portraits and hello to depth-filled images that almost jump out of their frames!

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