Every year, the NAB Show in Las Vegas serves as a launching pad for cutting-edge technology in the world of media and entertainment. This year’s event was no exception, with Canon, Blackmagic Design, and SmallRig unveiling groundbreaking camera gear poised to shake up the industry. Among the highlights were Canon’s 4K HDR portable zoom lens, Blackmagic’s URSA Cine 12K Camera, and the PYXIS 6K Cinema Box Camera, along with SmallRig’s innovative accessories designed to enhance the shooting experience.

NAB Show

Canon CJ27ex7.3B IASE T

Canon Europe took center stage at the NAB Show with the unveiling of the CJ27ex7.3B IASE T portable zoom lens. This compact yet powerful lens is designed to capture stunning 4K HDR imagery, offering a focal length range of 7.3-197mm and a 2.0x optical extender. With a 27x optical zoom and built-in 2.0x extender, the CJ27ex7.3B IASE T provides unmatched versatility, allowing filmmakers to capture a wide range of shots with ease. Advanced technologies such as the multi-group zoom and floating focus system ensure optimal image quality in any shooting scenario, while the newly developed e-Xs V drive unit offers precise control and improved responsiveness. Lightweight and ergonomic, this lens is poised to become an indispensable tool for broadcast professionals.

NAB Show

Blackmagic URSA Cine 12K Camera

Blackmagic Design made waves at the NAB Show with the URSA Cine 12K Camera. This revolutionary device combines advanced digital film technology with seamless integration into the post-production workflow. Featuring a large-format RGBW 36 x 24mm image sensor with 16 stops of dynamic range, the URSA Cine delivers unparalleled image quality at resolutions up to 12K. Its interchangeable lens mounts allow filmmakers to choose from a wide range of options, including PL, LPL, EF, and Hasselblad while built-in features such as high-speed networking and on-set media sync streamline the production process. With its robust construction and intuitive controls, the URSA Cine is poised to set a new standard for digital cinema cameras.

NAB Show

PYXIS 6K Cinema Box Camera

Blackmagic also unveiled the PYXIS 6K Cinema Box Camera, a high-end digital film camera designed for maximum customizability. Featuring a full-frame 36 x 24mm 6K sensor with a wide dynamic range, the PYXIS delivers precise skin tones and rich organic colors in any lighting condition. Its compact yet rugged design makes it ideal for use in a variety of shooting environments, while multiple mounting points and accessory side plates allow filmmakers to build the perfect camera rig for their production needs. With models available in EF, PL, or L-Mount, the PYXIS offers unmatched flexibility, making it the ideal choice for filmmakers seeking professional-grade performance in a compact package.

NAB Show


In addition to the groundbreaking camera gear from Canon and Blackmagic, SmallRig made a splash at the NAB Show with its lineup of innovative accessories designed to enhance the shooting experience. Highlights included the SmallRig X Caleb Pike VB212 Mini V Mount Battery, a highly integrated power solution for portable devices, and the SmallRig x Andyax Creator Tool Kit, a comprehensive outdoor shooting tool kit designed for maximum efficiency and equipment safety. With a focus on addressing the specific needs of content creators, SmallRig continues to empower filmmakers and photographers with versatile and reliable equipment.

A Glimpse into the Future of Content Creation

The 2024 NAB Show was a showcase of innovation and creativity in the world of media and entertainment. From Canon’s versatile portable zoom lens to Blackmagic’s cutting-edge digital film cameras and SmallRig’s innovative accessories, the future of content creation has never looked brighter.

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