Established in 2013, SmallRig is a brand dedicated to photo and video accessories, aiming to enhance the creativity and efficiency of photographers and filmmakers. In just a decade, SmallRig has created an impressive portfolio of thousands of products, each thoughtfully designed with the needs of content creators in mind. Their diverse range includes camera cages, tripods and tripod accessories, softboxes, LED lights, and more. Despite being relatively new in the industry, the brand has quickly become a vital component in the equipment arsenal of many creators. Let’s explore the remarkable journey of SmallRig and how it has become a key contributor to elevating the artistry in the photography and videography industries.


SmallRig Co-Design Program

The SmallRig Co-Design program is an innovative initiative that brings together creative minds from across the globe to shape the future of professional photography and videography equipment. This program is more than just a platform for developing new gear; it’s a collaborative effort to enhance shooting experiences and drive forward industry innovation. Participants in the program actively engage in vibrant discussions, sharing their hands-on experiences and viewpoints on existing equipment. They extensively analyse the limitations of current technology and gear, offering suggestions for improvements. These discussions provide SmallRig with invaluable insights directly from their user community, enabling them to create equipment that genuinely meets the needs of creatives. This approach goes beyond merely producing attractive gadgets; it’s about crafting practical tools that empower photographers and videographers in their artistic pursuits.



DreamRig is a dynamic platform that offers creators the opportunity to tailor gear to their specific creative needs. This platform invites creators to submit their unique ideas and blueprints to SmallRig’s team of expert product developers. Once submitted, these concepts undergo a thorough evaluation to determine their feasibility. If viable, the creative individuals collaborate closely with the SmallRig team to turn their vision into reality. DreamRig also works with the Co-Design program, enabling multiple creators to collectively work with SmallRig in developing equipment that caters to a diverse range of creative needs. To date, SmallRig has successfully co-designed over 2000 customised DreamRig products in collaboration with 400 photographers and videographers globally. Many of these products have not only won prestigious design awards but have also been mass-produced, making them accessible to creators worldwide. Some of the customised co-designed DreamRig products include an Air Tag cage, a Quick Release Mount Plate for an Air Tag, a Lightweight Chest Pad with Rod Clamp, an Adjustable EVF Mount with NATO Clamp, and more.


SmallRig Now Available At Orms

We’re excited to share that you can now shop SmallRig’s extensive photographic accessories collection at Orms. With a selection of more than 200 products, you’ll find an extensive range of SmallRig equipment and accessories both on the Orms Direct website and in our physical stores at Orms Cape Town and Orms Bellville. This impressive collection will be available for you to explore and purchase by February this year, giving you the opportunity to experience the remarkable quality and innovation of SmallRig products firsthand.

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