Incredible documentary short film by Cape Town-based time lapse specialist, Rory Allen. “To get lost is to learn the way” gives us a glimpse of everyday life Livingstone, Zambia.

This is an incredibly beautiful short film by Cape Town-based time lapse photography and video specialist, Rory Allen. The film was shot in Livingstone, Zambia, during Greenpop’s annual Trees For Zambia outreach initiative. Rory explains: “I was invited by Greenpop to attend their Trees for Zambia event in Livingstone in 2014 after attending the same event in 2013. Previously I concentrated on just shooting time lapses and mainly covered the tree planting experience (Trees for Zambia 2013). This time I wanted to try a slightly different approach and decided to show more of the everyday life and beauty of Livingstone, Zambia.” []

Since then, Rory’s film has been entered into the Musicbed Film Fest under the Documentary category. “Musicbed Film Fest is a celebration of the films made possible through the powerful relationship of sound and picture. From the first time indie filmmaker to the most influential brands in the world, we want to award the best of the best films featuring Musicbed scores — honoring the landmark work that’s been made and encouraging creatives to continue making impactful films, telling better stories, and changing the hearts of people.” []. You can VOTE for “To Get Lost is to Learn the Way” by following the link.

All shot on a Canon 5D MK III, with a selection of lenses. Keep up with more of Rory’s work by visiting his Vimeo channel, or by following him on any of the following social channels: InstagramFacebookFlickr or the Website.

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