In this video, we join Chicago-based photographer Manuel Ortiz as he shares three techniques to help you get pin sharp focus at f/1.4.

And just like that, January 2018 has just about gone! Here at Orms, we are kicking off the week with a very nice little tutorial by Chicago-based wedding and lifestyle photographer, Manual Ortiz. You might remember we’ve shared other videos by Manual in the past, including; “10 Quick tips on how to pose women” and “The do’s and don’ts when photographing models“.

In today’s video however, Manny shares three techniques to help you get super sharp focus when shooting portraits at f/1.4. Getting the right focus is always important, but in portrait photography you really want to hit the nail on the head when it comes to getting pin sharp focus on your subjects eyes for example. This is where knowing your camera and it’s capabilities come into play.

Find more from Manny on his YouTube channel, it’s packed with excellent tips and tutorials. You can also find more from him on his website or follow him on Instagram.