Portrait photography can be daunting, not only for you as the photographer but equally so for your subject, watch as Sean Tucker explains why empathy is a crucially undervalued skill for capturing that perfect shot.

Sean explains that he has never felt comfortable having his photograph taken, a feeling many of us will be able to understand. In an attempt to combat and overcome this uncomfortable space he makes an effort to regularly have his portrait taken, a practice he recommends to other photographers. Especially those with a focus on portrait photography.
Why you may ask; the answer’s pretty simple. How are you as a portrait photographer better able to empathise and identify with your subject than by putting yourself into their shoes and experiencing what they are experiencing.

As a seasoned pro at portrait photography, Tommy Reynolds understands that while your camera, lighting, studio set up and skill are crucial to capturing your subject in their true light; empathy is just as important. By allowing himself to become vulnerable with his subject Tommy finds that in turn whoever may be sitting in front of his camera will find it easier to relax and lose focus on whatever element of themselves they are holding back.

Watch as Sean and fellow photographer Tommy test this theory as Sean relinquishes control and steps in front of the camera. From the initial set up of your studio to connecting with your subject; Sean and Tommy break down their top tips to truly capturing photographs that you and your subject will be happy with.

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