Toronto-based photographer Peter McKinnon is back with a new video filled with tips and tricks on using lens filters to give your photos and videos a more professional edge.

Peter McKinnon shows us how the addition of lens filters can immediately improve your photo and video quality and push your work from novice to professional. There are so many different types of filters, which do you choose? We’ve broken down the advice for you but for an in-depth look give Peter’s video a watch.

Peter starts us off with the Neutral Density filter. Neutral Density or ND filters are the perfect choice for giving the background of your videos great depth. That smooth and creamy feel we all love about Mckinnon’s work is achieved with the help of an ND filter. This is the perfect filter to use when shooting outside in harsh sunlight, as McKinnon mentions the ND filter is like a pair of sunglasses for your lens.

Next, he recommends a Circular Polarizer filter which helps to pump up the volume on any blues you’re shooting. Giving you great saturation on your more vibrant scenes and as Peter mentions this is the perfect filter for cutting out any reflection should you be shooting through a window or any reflective surface.

Last, but definitely not least Peter mentions the Ultra-Violet or UV filter which you can think of as a bodyguard for your equipment investment. The UV filter simply reduces any unwanted ultra-violet rays which in turn helps to prevent haze and improve clarity. As an added bonus and upgrade to bodyguard status, the UV filter helps to protect your lens from dust and scratches.

Watch as Peter gives us a more in-depth understanding of what each filter will help you to achieve and why each lens filter helps you to increase the professional look and feel of your work.

For more advice, hacks or just to see more of his incredible work subscribe to Peter’s YouTube channel. Then go ahead and follow him on Instagram you won’t be disappointed, we promise.

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