The Orms Print Room recently printed these amazing wildlife photos by Peter & Beverly Pickford for Villa Egret.

The Orms Print Room recently printed an amazing set of wildlife photographs on large canvasses for Villa Egret, a self-catering guesthouse in Tableview.

Villa Egret 02

The great photographs were taken around Southern Africa by husband-and-wife team Peter and Beverly Pickford, and curated by the villa’s owner, Sabine Gruber. The Pickfords have published nine wildlife photography books since 1987, with the latest two books available on their website.

Villa Egret 03

Visitors to the guesthouse are welcome to purchase any of the wildlife prints – the canvasses can be removed from the stretcher and rolled up in a core for easy transportation, and then re-stretched at their destination.

Villa Egret 04

For more information about accommodation at Villa Egret, visit Sabine’s website, and follow their page on Facebook.

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