Today we join Nick Mayo, an analog photographer and graphic artist as he shares 5 photography investments (besides gear) you can make that will not only inspire but also bump up your work to the next level.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, it’s not all about the gear. There are many different things you can invest (both time and money) in that will help you become a better photographer – sure Instagram is great, but let’s go beyond that for a minute, shall we?

Nick, also known as Nick Exposed on YouTube, shared this video on his channel at the end of 2017. But it’s as relevant today, as it was a few months ago. About the video Nick says; “Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with buying a new lens, body or accessory, I do feel there are other ways we can be investing our pennies when it comes to improving our photography and creative expression. In this extended Two Minute Tuesday episode, we discuss 5 photography investments other than gear, that will help in taking more interesting photos, find inspiration, and get published and shown in new ways.”

We love Nick’s list, they are all extremely relevant points and we highly recommend you follow his advice. To add to what Nick said and to help you get on your way, we’ve added a few options we think are worth checking out…

  • Free photography talks at the Orms Cape Town School of Photography (CTSP) – Yes, we host these on a regular basis! They are generally free of charge and you get the opportunity to meet incredible local and inspirational photographers. Stay tuned with what’s coming up by following the CTSP page on Facebook here.
  • Shot courses – From weekend fashion and food photography workshops, to part-time courses for a variety of genres for beginners, intermediate and advanced photographers. The Orms Cape Town School of Photography has something to offer for everyone. Find a list of their upcoming short courses here.
  • Photowalks – These are often free of charge and a fantastic way to meet and connect with fellow photographers. If you get an opportunity to join a photo walk, go for it!
  • Get a mentor – Find a photographer you really like and make contact. You never know, it can’t hurt to ask. If you can get a job shadow opportunity out of it, even better! You won’t believe what you can learn while assisting someone. Some of the best photographers out there today started their careers by assisting those who came before them.
  • Listen to Photography Podcasts – Another awesome FREE resource and an excellent way to learn. A few we can suggest “On Taking Pictures”, “Process Driven” and “The Art of Photography”. For iPhone users find it in the Podcast section in iTunes. Android listeners can download the free “PodcastAddict” app from the PlayStore (or any other podcast app will do).

As always we would love to hear from you, so if you have any suggestions for your fellow readers – please feel free to share in the comment section below!

If you’d like to keep up with more from Nick be sure to head on over to his YouTube channel. Alternatively, you can also follow his work on his website or Instagram.

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