Pye, from the SLR Lounge shares 6 tips to help you understand white balance and colour temperature, take a look…

We find ourselves back with the SLR Lounge, and today Pye gives us a few tips on understanding white balance and colour temperature. Understanding and knowing how to balance light is crucial in photography, and can make a world of difference in your final image. Pye also talks about colour temperature, and the difference between artificial and ambient light temperatures. So, his 6 tips to help you understand white balance and colour temperature looks like this…

1. Colour temperature is the colour of the light source.
2. Different types of lights might give off different types of tints.
3. Set your camera’s white balance.
4. Use live view to dial in your camera’s white balance.
5. White balance is a creative decision.
6. Make sure you always first calibrate your display.

If you feel a bit unsure about the tips above, don’t worry about it – Pye explains everything beautifully, take a look…

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