Watch as Ted Forbes discusses a few great ways to push your own boundaries and become a better photographer.


Yet another incredibly valid video from Ted Forbes from The Art of Photography – “Become a Better Photographer”. The question however is, how do you do that? As Ted rightly says, “Getting Better is subjective. Some days we feel like we are making progress and other days we beat ourselves up and don’t like anything we’ve made. That’s how creative things work. It’s important to learn how to measure improvement.

Amongst other things, Ted suggests taking a photographic course or joining a club for example. At Orms, this is exactly why we offer the photographic talks and workshops and offer a variety of short courses at the Orms Cape Town School of Photography. Not only is it a great way to learn and develop your skills, but it’s also a fantastic way to connect with other photographers, network and get inspired. As always, Ted makes a bunch of other valid points, and gives some great advice – so if you are looking for ways to improve your skills and become a better photographer, take a look…

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