The Best Of 2014: A look back at the 10 most popular videos featured on Orms Connect this year!

Here’s the ten most popular videos that we shared this year, ranging from epic time-lapses to crazy gear exploits:

1. Cape Town In 1950s vs 2014: View The Post

2. “Bullet Time” Shoot With 50 Canon 1D X DSLRs: View The Post

3. The Last Roll Of E6 Film Processed At Orms: View The Post

4. Lioness Hunts Down Buck With GoPro Strapped To Her Back: View The Post

5. I Am Durban By Kierran Allen & Matt Wilkes: View The Post

6. Star Trails Over Cape Town By Eric Nathan: View The Post

7. Time-Lapse: AfrikaBurn 2014 By Jason Hayden: View The Post

8. Trees For Zambia 2014 By Rory Allen: View The Post

9. How The Sun Sees You By Tom Leveritt: View The Post

10. Mysteries Unfound By David East: View The Post