A wise man once said, “I feel the need, the need for speed!” Brace yourself: these DaVinci Resolve shortcuts are about to take your editing speed supersonic.

Blackmagic Design’s non-linear video editing software, DaVinci Resolve, has been making waves in the post production industry over the last few years. Many experienced editors are drawn to its inviting interface, simple workflow and many powerful features, especially in the colour grading department. The fact that the free version contains most of the advanced tools present in the paid Studio version also means that DaVinci Resolve attracts many newbie editors who want a fully functional NLE without the price tag of an equivalent like Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro X.

DaVinci Resolve makes use of a huge library of keyboard shortcuts to make the editing process faster and more efficient. In one of our latest OrmsTV videos, Jess, our video content producer who has been editing exclusively in Resolve for more than two years, introduces beginner editors to the foundational DaVinci Resolve shortcuts that will speed up their workflow and take them one step closer to becoming a professional video editor.

These keyboard shortcuts in DaVinci Resolve will help you to navigate the interface faster and cut your videos more efficiently. They work on both Windows and Mac operating systems. You can watch the full video HERE on our YouTube channel.


As you continue your video editing journey and start collaborating on more ellaborate projects, you may discover that you need to upgrade your post production equipment to keep up with your editing requirements. It can be helpful to get expert recommendations when picking out new gear. That’s why we made this video where we share the professional post production video editing kit we currently use to produce all of our videos.

If you’re editing in DaVinci Resolve, you have probably dabbled in colour grading some of your video footage using its powerful colour tools. All post production newbies should check out this video we made on OrmsTV where a professional colourist talks about why you might be struggling to get your videos to look like a feature film. Hint: it’s probably not your fault!