This incredible video was created entirely in-camera by using a rig of 48 DSLRs and a RED Epic shooting at 120 fps. You have to see this footage!

This two-minute video by Philadelphia-based DOP Mitch Martinez was created by using a rig of 48 DSLRs and a RED Epic shooting at 120 fps. The result is an amazing fire breathing spectacle in slow-motion and bullet-time.

In order to stop time, or freeze time the team implement a camera array that ranges anywhere from 24 to 150+ cameras. Although the process was pioneered decades prior, it was widely popularised by the Matrix films directed by the Wachowski Brothers and has since been used more regularly in film production.

There’s no VFX or CGI involved: everything was done in camera. The DSLRs were used to capture the scene from 120 degrees to freeze time, and the RED Epic and GH4 were used to capture high-speed footage at 120fps and 96fps, respectively.

Out of interest, this is a quick time-lapse of the rig.

You can find more of Martinez’s work on his websiteInstagram, and Twitter.
Shared via Mitch Martinez and PetaPixel.