Watch as Seasoned Landscape Photographer, Craig Roberts shares a few of his personal “dos” and “don’ts” that will help you become a better Landscape Photographer.


Keen to take your landscape photography to the next level? Well, then this is for you. Watch as seasoned landscape photographer, Craig Roberts shares a few of his own personal “dos” and “don’ts” that will help you become a better landscape photographer.

In this 10 minute video, Roberts shares tips on everything from composition, getting the right exposure, depth of field, all the way to using the correct filters. The whole video is packed with useful tips, but if you are interested in any specific topics we’ve included the timestamps below as a reference.

  • Do shoot locally. 1:10
  • Don’t automatically grab your widest lens. 1:59
  • Don’t shoot wide and then crop later. 2:24
  • Don’t think you need a bag full of lenses, the kit lens is just fine. 2:43
  • Do create a picture with a foreground, midground, and background. 2:53
  • Do experiment with different metering modes. 3:12
  • Don’t automatically focus at infinity, Do focus 1/3 of the way up your frame. 4:10
  • Do occasionally try shooting wide open, with focus on the foreground. 5:43
  • Don’t only shoot sunsets and sunrises. 6:01
  • Do use filters to balance the exposure between sky and land. 7:14
  • Don’t use a 10-stop ND filter unless it’s actually necessary. 8:49
  • Do invest in a good tripod. 9:20
  • Don’t worry about having the latest and greatest camera or lenses. 9:36

So there you go, if you’d like to see more from Craig be sure to subscribe to Craig’s YouTube channel, visit his website, or give him a follow on Instagram.

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