If you’re interested in learning more about photography, or know someone who is, then take a look at these upcoming workshops.

The Cape Town School of Photography has a great selection of workshops coming up within the next few weeks, covering topics ranging from lighting to landscapes to lomography. If you’ve been interested in learning more about a specific element of photography, now might be the time to do it.

We’ve listed a selection of recommended workshops below. For more information about each workshop, please click on its title. For more workshops, visit the CTSP website.

Product Photography
Two 3 hour sessions

Product photography is a highly specialized, very lucrative aspect of photography. During this workshop, under the skilled tutelage of Michael Edwards, students will be taught the basics of lighting techniques for products, and also be encouraged to present difficult product assignments in problem solving sessions. The course is very practical, and students are encouraged to shoot and print images for critique.

Architecture & Interiors
A weekend workshop

Architecture surrounds us every day and has become one of the many exciting genres of photography. Lecturer, Michael Edwards will demonstrate to students the specialised techniques required to photograph architecture and interiors. Students will be taken on a practical excursion where they’ll be encouraged to shoot and print images for critique.

Landscape Workshop
Seven 3 hour sessions completed over 6 days

This workshop is introduced at CTSP with its practical session presented on location in Sanddrif. Sanddrif, ±250km outside Cape Town, is situated in the heart of the Cederberg, offering inspiring views of the luscious mountainous landscape. This workshop will advance your skills at capturing your engagement with the natural environment.

Lomography Workshop
Three 3 hour sessions completed over 3 days

This practical, fun and hands-on workshop is the perfect introduction to film photography and makes an excellent gift. At the heart of the lomographic process is the camera: The LC-A, Holga, Action Sampler and Diana to name but a few. Each camera produces images unique to its original design, resulting in alternative and fresh approaches to taking photographs. The excitement associated with Lomography stems from an element of surprise since no two pictures are ever the same.

Studio Lighting
Two 4 hour sessions: Saturday & Sunday Morning

This is a creative, beginner’s, studio lighting workshop. We will explore the diversity of the portrait by means of using flash and studio lighting in, and outside the studio. Key words here are light intensity, quality and direction. Apart from learning how to use studio lighting equipment, students will also learn how to manipulate light in order to set the tone in their shots and create a particular mood. The course will benefit all who wish to creatively explore light and its potential, as well as those wishing to gain a better understanding of lighting equipment and the studio environment.

A weekend Workshop

Macro photography is the photographing of objects at extreme close-ups, while working around 1:1 ratio and closer, thereby capturing an image on film or digital sensor that is equal in size or larger than the subject being photographed. The workshop will cover equipment such as cameras, close up lenses, macro lenses, diffusers and flash equipment. Technical considerations such as working distance, use of focus, depth of field, composition, lighting and camera support will also be covered.