Watch both professional and amateur photographers explain why they are locked into the medium of film photography, and why they think film is still very much alive.

With all the technology at our fingertips it’s interesting to see how much of a comeback film photography has been making. There has always been those who remember the days before digital photography, who learned to shoot on film and for whatever reason loved the medium so much that they stuck to it. But in the last few years film has been making a serious comeback, at first it started slowly stirring, but now it’s really starting to build some momentum.

Companies like Polaroid, who long abandoned making instant film announched towards the end of 2017 that they’ve launched Polaroid Originals, a brand new brand dedicated to analogue instant photos. Kodak also announced that they are bring the classic Ektachrome film stock back from the dead. So it goes on, there’s obviously something there because the market (and film) is still clearly very much alive.

But the question that everyone is asking is, why shoot with a film camera when you can use your smartphone or digital camera? Watch as the team at the Analogue Photography Series talk to both professional and amateur photographers to find out why they love film.

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