2019 seems to be on fast forward with the Festive Season around the corner and Black Friday fast approaching. With the biggest day of sales ahead of us, how are you prepping so you don’t miss out?

If you’re a savvy shopper you’ll have your countdown timer running, your mailer sign-ups sorted and your wish list’s full to bursting. Don’t have any of that under control? Good that you’re here then, let’s get you Black Friday ready with our handy tips and tricks to make this year your biggest year of savings yet!

Make a List and Stick to it

With so many sales and so many savings, it’s easy to get distracted and lose track of what you’re hunting for. The easiest way we’ve found to avoid impulse purchases is to make a list of everything you need to purchase and stick to it. That being said, should you find that zoom lens you’ve been coveting at a discount you just can’t pass up why not spoil yourself and your kit this year is set to be our biggest Black Friday yet, with insane savings and the biggest selection of gear. If not Black Friday, then when?

Get Out From Behind Your Screen

Don’t be fooled into thinking Black Friday’s just for online specials. Many of your most coveted online stores will be offering their clients a variety of different deals and savings in-store, meaning you’ll need to get out from behind your screen and head on out into the world or miss out. But to be safe we would suggest keeping an eye on social media platforms for any in-store only specials and offers, signing up for newsletters is also a good idea (you can find ours here, or simply scroll down to our last point which is all about this.) Be sure to keep an eye on the Orms social platforms to be in the know about all of the exciting things happening at our Cape Town and Bellville branches! 

Think Ahead To Festive Season

With the Festive Season just around the corner, why not take this opportunity to save whilst gift shopping? Think of it as gifting yourself incredible savings all whilst gifting your nearest and dearest the things they want. This tip doesn’t just apply to the Festive Season though, have a special birthday or anniversary coming up? Be prepared and use this opportunity to save whilst gifting! Don’t forget that this year Black Friday falls in payday week; that one week of the month when we’re all rolling in it and find it easy to part with.

Sign Up or Miss Out

Last but by no means least, be sure to sign up for all of the mailer offerings from your chosen Black Friday targets, this is a great way to remain ahead of everyone else and gain early access to savings before everyone else. 

Be sure to sign up and get your name on the Orms early access list to be the first the hear all about everything happening this Black Friday, do it here or miss out.

This last tip should go without saying but we’ll go ahead and say it anyway… Be sure to follow your most coveted stores’ social pages for instant updates on newly released specials as well as to be kept up-to-date on all of their in-store and online offerings. Be sure to follow Orms on FacebookInstagram and Twitter and never miss a moment of saving!

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