We look at a few tips from Nadia Meli on how to get those beautiful soft photos, even in harsh sunlight.

Today we are joining German destination photographer Nadia Meli for a few tips on dealing with harsh sunlight. Often when we are shooting portraits or couples outside it’s not always possible to control the light. Or more specifically, the best time of day for the shoot. This can often happen at weddings, where it’s a daytime wedding for example. In this video, Nadia explains what she usually does to get around the problem of harsh sunlight, to still achieve that soft look in her photos – regardless of the time of day!

If you are not already following Nadia on YouTube we recommend you start, her videos are great and packed with information that will help you improve the way you shoot.  You can also stay in touch with Nadia via her Facebook page, Twitter account or on her website.

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