Sean Tucker’s back and this time he’s giving us tips and tricks on improving your food photography at home, without having to rush out and buy any fancy equipment.

As Sean admits his first full-time job was as a food photographer, this is where he experienced first hand the critical importance of having a food stylist on board and the difference this styling has on your food photography. This is not to say that as a photographer your job is any less important, you will need to find the light and angles that give your image that pop and entices your viewers into wanting more.

To help us fully understand what goes into the styling of great looking food photography Sean brings in designer and food stylist Vla from blog Riyuu to lend an expert spatula and eye.

A few take away tips that are very important to note;
Sean suggests using a longer focal length, which helps to compress the image background and allow your subject to take front and center focus and make mouths drool.
Soft ambient light is the key, move to a window and switch off your house lights. Sean offers tips on how to achieve this soft ambient light as well as bouncing light using things we all have in our kitchens.

If you’re looking to up your food photography game we’d recommend giving Sean and Vla’s video a watch, but prepare to leave hungry. Very hungry!

For more tips, tricks and inspiration to boost your photography to the next level give Sean a follow on YouTube & Instagram, for delicious recipes and healthy hints it’s definitely worth having a look at Vla’s blog here.