Join Manus van Dyk tomorrow evening for a macro photography presentation at The Local Grill in Woodstock.

Keen to learn more about macro photography? Join the Cape Town Photo Club and Manus van Dyk tomorrow evening at The Local Grill in Woodstock from 5 PM onwards for a macro photography presentation.

Manus says: “Macro photography is rising in popularity these days with the number of superb images of the tiniest and most detailed subjects populating the web. Macro isn’t difficult if you understand a few of the basic principles and techniques, which is what this talk is all about. In no time at all you will be looking straight past the big stuff in search of the minutest of objects to practice your new found skill.”

The presentation will cover: The difference between macro and close-up photography, equipment, depth of Field, focussing, and in the field techniques.

Here’s some photos taken by Manus. If you’re planning to attend, please RSVP on the Cape Town Photo Tours bookings page.

manus-van-dyk-2 manus-van-dyk-3 manus-van-dyk-4 manus-van-dyk-5


Macro Photography Talk By Manus Van Dyk

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