Beautiful macro photos taken at Kirstenbosch during our workshop with Greg Hillyard and Claude Felbert on Saturday.

On Saturday, our second macro photography workshop took place at Kirstenbosch, where Greg Hillyard and Claude Felbert shared practical shooting tips for close-up photography.

The workshop itself was planned exclusively for members of Capetonian photographic clubs, and presented in partnership with the Kirstenbosch Botanical Society. This was the second of three workshops with Claude and Greg, and attendees to the third talk will be invited by their clubs.

Reminder: The second annual Kirstenbosch Competition started running in May, and winners will be receiving monthly prizes as well as a grand prize of a Canon 70D DSLR and an 18-135mm lens!

Here’s a few photos taken by Jason Ormrod while attending the workshop. Don’t miss Catherine Wright’s photos from the first event.

macro-kirstenbosch-02 macro-kirstenbosch-03 macro-kirstenbosch-04 macro-kirstenbosch-05 macro-kirstenbosch-06 macro-kirstenbosch-07 macro-kirstenbosch-08 macro-kirstenbosch-09 macro-kirstenbosch-10 macro-kirstenbosch-11 macro-kirstenbosch-12 macro-kirstenbosch-13

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