The winner of the Orms and GoPro SA video competition is Dave Meinert! We asked Dave a few questions about his video.

The winner of our GoPro video competition is Dave Meinert! Although we were extremely impressed with the more than 60 entries we received, Dave’s video stood out the most and was selected by the judges as the overall winner. We tracked Dave down and asked him a few questions about his video:

Interview filmed and edited by Craig Kolesky. View the original music video by Dave Meinert.

Here’s what the judges had to say:

Craig Kolesky
“This video stuck out the most to me, as it was an original idea. Who would have thought of sticking a GoPro on a dog and making a friend’s music video from the footage? This clip just makes you feel good and has a great story to it. Out of all the entries, this one stood out the most to me. Well done to Dave.”

Dewald de Jager from GoPro SA
“The video shows the uniqueness of a GoPro and what it can do. The idea is fresh, and combined with a great uptempo track makes it a hit. You can’t help but like the video and want to watch it again. To be honest, anybody could have done that – no big production or expensive equipment needed, just a clever idea. The editing wasn’t spectacular but exactly what the video needed. It scored very high on music and camera use.”

Thanks for all the entries submitted by the community! Of course there were some runner ups, and we’ll post some thoughts and critiques from the judges’ feedback on those videos next week. Don’t forget to check out our three part feature on our favourite entries: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Featured image © Kolesky/Nikon/Lexar


Interview With GoPro Winner Dave Meinert

  1. I’m glad I wasn’t a judge, but if I was I would probably have chosen this video as well. Brilliant idea… Any chance you’re selling the old GoPro Dave?  Haha, jokes.

  2. Very Cool Video. It is great fun to see a dogs perspective on life. I am a Stills guy based also in Cape Town and have been putting my GoPro on my dog Harry (Brown Lab) since early 2011.

    The only thing I don’t necessarily agree with is keeping the rig a secret.. I have been using the GoPro Chesty, tightened to its smallest size. Placed his legs through the arm holes and the chest strap around his belly. It can then sit either on his back or underneath him. Requires no customization for a medium to thick set dog. Either set your GoPro to video or to take a still frame every couple of seconds and leave it be.

    The Images and rig can be seen on my site:

    The Rig is in iPhoneography. A picture of Harry wearing the chesty.
    The Photos can be found in Harry Cam.

    Now see what your dog gets up to 🙂

  3. I disagree with Dewald about the editing. A video such as this one does not require “spectacular editing” or any cutting to the beat of the music etc. If this video was edited like that – I doubt it would have been as good. This video is very much a narrative video / short film and the editing required for such a video is that of film editing. I can only imagine the amount of footage shot for this video. So my thoughts are that the real editing for this video would have been sorting through the footage and finding the real takes conceptually that would make up the narrative, arranging them and working on a good timing of the shots that fit both emotionally and duration wise for the music track. #justsaying 🙂

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