The Cape Town School of Photography’s 1st year students recently did an early morning shoot in Kalk Bay – see what they got up to.

Watch this great video featuring the Cape Town School of Photography‘s first year students out on their first digital shoot.

The photographers-in-training trekked out to the beautiful Kalk Bay harbour for an early morning shoot with a caveat – the displays on their DSLRs were covered!

“Cape Town School of Photography 1st year students on their first digital shoot. After a term of learning the magic of light in the darkroom with pinhole cameras (made by the students), shadow grams, photograms, photomontages and 35mm film, the students were ready to test their knowledge on a practical digital assignment. Their DSLR camera LCD backs taped closed, students completed a tough assignment to demonstrate various lighting conditions. All in all a good morning of shooting, a deserved coffee and many laughs.

Thanks to young band Early Hours for the great track!”

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