Even if you don’t shoot DSLR video, you’ll appreciate the design and engineering of the Manfrotto Sympla modular DSLR video rigs.

Manfrotto recently introduced their take on modular video rigs, the beautifully engineered Sympla system.

Unlike dedicated professional video cameras, video-capable DSLRs are designed ergonomically as stills cameras. By using a modular video rig, you can combine the best features of video DSLRs with the best ergonomics and versatility of professional video cameras, allowing you to attach matteboxes, shoulder supports and much more.

While many of you won’t need such an extensive system, we thought we’d share some video and photos of the Sympla system, as Manfrotto has truly done a great job with the design and engineering. If you’d like to learn more about the individual components, visit Orms Direct.

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Manfrotto Sympla: Modular DSLR Video Rigs

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