Great landscape photos and studio shots by Cape Town-based photography student Ross Nortier.

Ross Nortier is a talented up-and-coming 19 year old photographer currently studying at the Cape Town School of Photography.

He’s got a particular knack for studio photography and landscapes, and his small but growing portfolio of product shots is amazing, with great attention to detail in the lighting. When Ross isn’t shooting, he enjoys hiking, surfing, and making his own DIY contraptions for shoots.

You can stay updated with his latest work on Flickr, Tumblr, 500px and Facebook.

ross-nortier-02 ross-nortier-03 ross-nortier-04 ross-nortier-05 ross-nortier-06 ross-nortier-07 ross-nortier-08 ross-nortier-09 ross-nortier-10

Photographs shared with permission.