Watch as Lauren Tepfer explains why colour is such an important aspect of great photography and how to bring your vision to life using post production techniques.

Lauren Tepfer, a young contemporary photographer based in New York City, recently did a feature on Phototalks, where she spoke about her colourful and vibrant work as well as how she creates colour and why it’s important in her work.

Given that she’s somewhat of a documentary photographer in that she documents her own life, Lauren’s transition from suburban to city life meant her subject matter changed too. But something that remained constant was her use of colour and the way she visualises her final outcome while shooting what is in front of her. Lauren’s style of shooting lends itself to really playful post-production methods, allowing her vision to come to life the way an artist brings a canvas to life. Despite not being the most technical and gear-oriented shooter, Lauren’s work really is photography in its truest sense – painting with light (and by extension, colour).

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