Watch as Joshua Cripps shares lesson #5 in a new series called, “Life lessons learned through photography”.


In this short video series, Joshua Cripps shares 7 life lessons that he’s learned through photography that has not only improved the quality of his work, but also improved his life immeasurably.

Lesson 5: No Pain, No Gain. Sometimes for a lesson to be remembered, it really has to hurt…


Lesson 4: No Risk, No Reward. We have evolved to treat uncertainty as something scary. Therefore we often stick to what is safe and known. But in art, this leads to being bored, and even worse: never making your own unique voice heard! Learn the value of taking risks to increase the potential artistic rewards. [Find lesson 4 here]

Lesson 3: Never Give Up. When you really want something but it’s hard to get, sometimes the best thing is just to quit, right? Wrong! The only choice is to keep getting after it. In this series of videos I’m sharing 7 of the best life lessons I’ve learned by being a photographer. [If you missed lesson 3 you can find it here]

Lesson 2: Just Do It. As Joshua says, we often spend as much time talking ourselves out of taking a shot, as we do talking ourselves into it. We come up with all sorts of excuses like; not having this lens, or that camera, it’s too windy, it’s too bright, the light is flat… whatever.  Just go, just do it. You might be surprised at what you get. And even if you don’t get the shot, it’s probably still more fun being out there right? Right. [If you missed lesson 2 you can find it here]

Lesson 1: Image is Everything. How you present yourself, is how the world is going to see you. So when was the last time you stepped back and looked at your portfolio for example? Are you sharing the very, very best of your work, or are you putting a whole lot of “ok” images out there? What do you social platforms look like? Are you attracting the type of clients you want? Let’s take a look at Joshua’s advice. [If you missed lesson 1 you can find it here]

Coming soon…

Lesson 6: Plenty of Fish in the Sea
Lesson 7: Go Big or Go Home

If you’d like to see more from Joshua, tune into Professional Photography Tips on YouTube.

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