Drum roll, please! On Friday we hosted our inaugural livestream on our OrmsTV YouTube channel, courtesty of the lovely folks at Sony and hosted by the utterly delightful Matt Masson. Matt is a professional wedding and commercial photographer and in this exclusive, informative livestream, he generously shared his insights on how creatives can not only cope but thrive in the current global climate.

Matt has more than a decade of experience in the creative industry. He currently runs a wedding photography company, Mont Reverie, and is the director of Lux&Mode, a broadcasting and media production company that specialises in content creation, online broadcast and commerical image-making for brands.

Through flexibility, innovation and a forward-thinking, hard-working attitude, Matt has actually grown his business and expanded his client base during the current global crisis, and he would like to empower you to do the same.


Here is a sneak peak of the topics Matt covered in the livestream. Remember that if you missed the real-time broadcast on Friday, you can still find the full video on our YouTube channel and access all Matt’s knowledge and advice there.

  • How to tackle the current crisis in your business: staying safe on shoots, communicating with your clients, how to pivot your business and reconnect with former clients
  • Suggestions for how creative individuals can diversify their income in a meaningful way
  • Tips on how to immediately adapt your mindset and your actions to deal with the immediate difficulties we are all facing, including changing your business processes, making your work stand out and cutting costs
  • Guidelines for conducting a SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats) analysis of your business and yourself and how you can turn any threats or weaknesses into opportunities
  • How to develop and institute safety measures to protect your business
  • Advice for cultivating a future mindset to help your business flourish going forward

You can find more of Matt, his stunning work and incredible knowledge on his Instagram account: @themattmasson.

Thank you once again to everyone who tuned in to the livestream on our YouTube channel. It was incredible to see and hear from viewers from all over South Africa as well as the USA, Sri Lanka, Namibia, Denmark and Northern Ireland. We will be doing more livestreams in the future, so please consider subscribing to OrmsTV to get notified whenever we do the next one.

P. S. Orms and Sony understand that these are tough times for all creatives. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Matt to offer a 10% cashback on Sony products at Orms. Redeem the code “MattAtOrms” at cashbacks.co.za to claim your discount. Valid until 17 August 2020, T’s & C’s apply.


Do you want to keep expanding your creative skillset during lockdown? We’ve got a playlist for that! Hop over to our YouTube channel and explore our “Learn In Lockdown” series where you can discover how to develop B&W film at home, video editing shortcuts and advice for newbie photographers.