The Leica brand is one of great fascination and much discussion in the photographic community. The hefty pricetag that accompanies their legendary products means that, while many photographers and creatives are intrigued by Leica cameras, most probably won’t cough up the bucks to purchase one.

Considering the rather high price point, the photographic community is left asking: Are Leica cameras worth it? Veteran OrmsTV host and Leica owner, Deon, thinks so (at least for him personally).

Deon has been shooting on Leica for years, either borrowing Leicas from colleagues or when working on independent reviews for the brand themselves. In 2019, he was fortunate enough to finally acquire his very own Leica, a Leica M-E, and since then he has never looked back or considered switching to another brand.

Join Deon and OrmsTV for a relaxing, cinematic photowalk around peaceful, sunny Simons Town while he attempts to answer questions he most often gets asked as someone who owns a Leica and a long-time enthusiast of the German camera manufacturer.

These are some of the questions Deon gets asked all the time about his Leica and Leicas in general:

  • Are Leica cameras worth the money, especially considering that you can buy a faster, more functional and kitted out camera for a fraction of the price?
  • Why did he choose to shoot on Leica rather than Canon, Sony or Fujifilm?
  • What is so special about Leica?

You can find the full video on our YouTube channel.


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