Peter McKinnon is back and this time he’s giving us his top tips and tricks on mastering low light photography.

In his latest video, Peter McKinnon has his mind set on teaching us how to take the perfect snap even in the lowest of lighting conditions. What better way to truly show this than by joining neon sign collector Jon Simo in his Neon Demon studio. Jon’s studio is an Instagrammers dream, featuring so many different types of neon signs, setups and fun things to discover. It also happens to be the perfect space to explore just how to perfect your low-light photography, so let’s jump right into Peter and Jon’s top tips for shooting in low-light situations.

Tip 1:
Shutter speed is of paramount importance, one of the easiest ways to combat this is by doubling your focal length to account for noise and movement. But don’t forget that once you’ve doubled your focal length and increased your shutter speed you’re going to need to bump up your ISO to account for that increase.

Tip 2:
LightRoom tips for editing your images include correctly using your luminance adjustment option to compensate for your noisy low-light images.

Tip 3:
Shooting in RAW is the best way to go, simply put shooting in anything else will limit your options in post-production so be sure to accustomise yourself with the limitations of your equipment before attempting to shoot in low-light.

Tip 4:
Don’t be afraid to open your aperture as wide as it can go! When shooting in lower lighting conditions you’re going to want to use every trick in the proverbial book to capture as much light as possible, so don’t be afraid to really open your aperture to as far as your lens will allow.

Be sure to watch this latest upload for a more in-depth discussion into mastering low-light photography as well as an exploration of Neon Demon’s incredible space. You can find Peter McKinnon on Twitter and Instagram and of course, YouTube while you’re there be sure to hit the subscribe button and never miss a new video upload.