Watch as photographer & filmmaker, Sean Tucker shares his philosophy on Street Photography and finding a style that suits your personality.

Another great video by photographer and filmmaker, Sean Tucker. If you’re a regular on the blog you would have seen other videos by Sean that we’ve shared, some of these include; How to create when you’re just not “feeling it”, The war in every portrait and Travelling light with photographic gear. In this video, however, we join Sean as he looks at the topic of Street Photography. Often involving photographing complete strangers, Street Photography to some of us, can seem quite intimidating. But does it have to be? Does it only classify as Street Photography if you’re bold enough to walk up to complete strangers to ask if you can take their picture?

As Sean says; “I was always nervous about street photography because I had this idea that true street photography was shooting people up close, and it would inevitably lead you to get yourself into conflict situations. However, I think over the past couple of years I’ve found a style of street photography which suits my personality better. On this recent trip to Rome I took the time to make this video sharing my philosophy when shooting on the street, in the hope that it helps you to broaden your own definition, and give you the courage to head out and shoot your take on the streets where you live.”

For those of you who didn’t know, we are extremely excited to welcome Sean to the Cape Town School of Photography for a FREE Lunchtime Lecture on December 4th, 2017. You are all welcome to join, we would LOVE to see you there! Book your FREE seat here!

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