is a new tool which makes sharing your favourite light setups easier than ever before.

With the rise of the Strobist “movement” on popular image sharing networks such as Flickr, more and more people are sharing their knowledge and experiments with lighting setups. This is mostly done by simply stating what gear and modifiers you have used, perhaps mentioning the angle of the light or the power levels. Sometimes, it’s also a good idea to take a photo of the final setup so that others can visualise it.

The best way to pass along a setup, however, is with a top-down lighting diagram. If you search the web, you’ll no doubt find many downloadable Photoshop documents containing the various items of equipment saved as layers. These .PSDs can sometimes be quite tedious to use, as you need to find each specific flash or reflector, unhide the layer, and then transform it to fit your setup. This is where comes in. Its the latest web-based light setup sharing site, and is much easier to use than the old .PSDs.

Here’s a sample lighting setup:

(Excuse us for not including more exposure details or strobe power levels – working from memory and the image was taken over a year ago! Best to do these diagrams right after the shoot.)

Via PetaPixel.


New Tool For Sharing Lighting Diagrams

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