Quirky conceptual portraits of rock music fans created by Ludovic Ismaël And Nicolas Delille. Can you guess the bands?

These great conceptual portraits of fans of rock bands were created by photographer Ludovic Ismaël and 3D designer Nicolas Delille.

“We all love music. Some like a large variety of music, and some others are huge fans of one band in particular. We had lots of fun to imagine the biggest fans ever of 5 famous rock & roll bands.”

Can you guess the bands? We managed to guess three of the five, but we’re stuck on the trumpets/horns and the pill! Maybe we’re missing something obvious – let us know in the comments!

ludovic-ismael-nicolas-delille-2 ludovic-ismael-nicolas-delille-3 ludovic-ismael-nicolas-delille-4 ludovic-ismael-nicolas-delille-5 ludovic-ismael-nicolas-delille-6

Photographs share via the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial licence.

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