Dedicated analogue photographer, Matt Day is back with another exciting video this time he’s taking us with him as he shoots film in an abandoned building.

As a seasoned analogue photographer, Matt Day knows a thing or two about the fine art of shooting film. For today’s video, he’s found an incredible abandoned site that is due to be torn down in a few days and leaps at the chance to capture its internal beauty before it ceases to be.

Matt’s kit for this shoot contains his trusted Pentax K1000 and his drool-worthy Hasselblad 500 C/M. He’s chosen his 28mm f2.8 lens for detailed close-ups and his 50mm f2 lens for his Pentax K1000 and his trusty 80mm f2.8 for his Hasselblad 500 C/M. Now that we’ve got all of the necessary gear out of the way let’s jump straight into shooting this incredible space!

Watch as he guides us through his shooting process in great detail, including all the tips and tricks you’ll need to take your film camera off on an adventure of your own. From effective light metering within an enclosed space to discovering interesting angles, Matt is rather thorough with his direction and guidance.

But the proof, as always is in the metaphorical pudding and the shots Matt’s able to capture on this excursion are incredibly detailed, grainy and textured. Everything any film photographer could hope for!

Do you feel inspired to go out and test out Matt’s freshly minted advice and search for the perfect location? We’d love to hear your thoughts as well as any tips and tricks you have for aspiring and seasoned analogue photographers.

For a more in-depth look at the beauty of analogue photography, and to see more tutorials and videos by Matt Day be sure to have a look at his YouTube channel. While you’re there be sure to give him a follow, you won’t regret it!


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