Skate Perspectives by Craig Kolesky: Great photos capturing a sense of adventure, and awesome BTS footage by Troy Davies.

Skate Perspectives is a great series of photos created by South African adventure and sports photographer Craig Kolesky.

The project takes an introspective look at Craig’s relationship with skateboarding and photography. Although he doesn’t skate much these days, he grew up with the sport, and his first published photo featured a skateboarder. As such, the series depicts the journey of a skateboarder – that sense of adventure is evident in the photos.

Watch the interesting and very well shot behind-the-scenes video, produced by Troy Davies:

Here’s the full series – for more information and BTS shots, visit Red Bull Photography.

craig-kolesky-01 craig-kolesky-02 craig-kolesky-03 craig-kolesky-04 craig-kolesky-05 craig-kolesky-06 craig-kolesky-07 craig-kolesky-08 craig-kolesky-09

Photographs shared with permission.