After some slight delays, we’ve finally announced the winner in the #OrmsImpossible Instagram competition! Here’s the top 10.

Here’s the top 10 Instagram images submitted to the #OrmsImpossible photo competition, selected from over 660 entries! We looked for spontaneous photographs that capture the spirit of instant photography, as well as a keen photographic eye.

Apologies for the delays with regards to announcing the winner – we had some unforeseen problems with the judging process, but we’ve learnt from the experience, and the next Instagram competition will hopefully run much smoother!

Winner: Thoban Jappie aka @thobanj

There’s a lot of things we like about Thoban’s image: The moment, the perspective, the lines, the negative space, the colours – everything comes together into a winning image that we’d love to see as a physical instant photo! We hope you enjoy the Impossible Instant Lab!

Runners Up Images