Far from being a regular time-lapse video, French filmmaker Franck Matellini stitched together a pretty amazing day and night comparison of London. Take a look…

This is a pretty interesting take on a London time lapse by French filmmaker Franck Matellini. Cleverly stitching day and night footage of the city in each frame, Matellini show’s just how different the city looks at different times of the day. Talking about the project Matellini said he shot all the photos and footage using a Sony a7R II mirrorless camera, and edited the project using Lightroom, After Effects and Premiere.

“It was a challenge to shoot in London with a tripod, but I managed most of the time,” he said. “It was a challenge especially to get the camera positioned in exactly the same spot in the same direction each time.”  In order to ensure that his shots are perfectly aligned even hours apart, he made markings on the ground and took precise notes about his framing.

You can find more of Matellini’s work on his websiteVimeoInstagram, and Twitter.

(via PetaPixel via Bokeh)

Music by Tony Anderson

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