Must see: Video footage comparing scenes of daily life from the Cape Town city bowl in the 1950s to 2014.

After discovering some file footage featuring scenes of daily life in Cape Town in the 1950s, the people at Travelstart decided to recreate the scenes in 2014 and create a comparison video.

It’s great to see the difference between the two eras (compare the green London-style bus/tram with our modern MyCiTi busses!), and also to see the familiar architecture present in both time periods. It’s hard to imagine what the city would look like another 60 years down the line, but we hope that many of the iconic buildings will still be around.

As an aside, if you’re interested in these comparisons between present and historic times, be sure to take a look at Cape Town Then and Now, a book featuring old and new photographs of the city, compiled by our very own master printer, Vincent van Graan.

The modern day footage was filmed with a Canon 600D, a Canon 50mm f/1.8 and a Canon 18-55mm.

Here’s the original file footage:

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Video: Cape Town In 1950s vs 2014

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