We’d like to invite you to join us for a digital walk through of the images created by both 6 Month Part-Time Technical Photography and Intro To Photography students.

While we cannot come together in celebration of the talented photographers and creatives currently attending the Orms Cape Town School of Photography we can still celebrate their talents through a virtual exhibition.

6-Month Part-Time Technical Photography

The 6-Month Part-Time Technical Photography students have been focusing on developing their attention to light, technical camera work, post-production, and visual storytelling. Take a look at what they’ve been able to achieve under the expert guidance of their dedicated lecturers.

Keenan Martin

This series forms part of a continuous investigation into another world of performed identities and perceived realities.

Denzil Arendse

An exercise on managing contrast directed Denzil’s gaze to the activities of the window washers in Cape Town city center.

By Denzil Arendse, Untitled, 2020.

Prince Mphomane

As a photographer, you may find yourself in front of the lens of your fellow classmate. Photographer and model Keenan Martin, poses for Prince who directs the shoot from on top of a rock in Kalk bay one morning.

By Prince Mphomane, Untitled, 2020.

Rebecca Foot

Photographers do not take photographs, they make them. Recovery, 2020, as titled by Rebecca is a carefully constructed still life.

By Rebecca Foot, Recovery, 2020.

Lyla Lavelle

This small series of photographs looks at the similarities between the female body and Mother Nature in her simplest form. Unveiling these similarities draws the viewer closer into acknowledging the details and textures which may be overlooked at a first glance. Human veins resemble those on a crisp autumn leaf, the spine is put in relation to the stem of a plant and its leaves, and skin is compared to the texture of a native South African tree. The aim of this intimate series is to create unity between the female body and nature in order to highlight the affinity between the two.

Jacob Erasmus

Midway through the first term students were challenged to create a window-light portrait. JJ turned the lens on himself for this project engaged in his gaming hobby.

By Jacob Erasmus, Untitled (self-portrait), 2020.

Patricia Van Rooyen

The natural world is a site of great inspiration for environmentally conscious photographers. Efforts in creating awareness for the ongoing efforts of conservation, as well as a sheer love for natures majestic creatures drives this aspiring wildlife photographer.

Elijah Mutshipayi

Portrait of a friend.

Simamkele Msebi

Inspired by the photo series of Duane Michals (namely chance meeting capture in 1969), Sima captures a regular act of crime in her own neighborhood – pick pocketing.

Liam Jacobs

An investigation of Muizenberg Beach.

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Intro To Photography

In just four weeks, the updated Intro to Photography course has equipped novice photographers with technical skills and visual literacy knowledge to creatively capture their personal vision. We salute these budding photography professionals for taking the first step in investing in their craft and being one step closer to achieving their goals!

Aggi Greeff

Angelica Munoz Cordoba

Ali Shujaa

Jean Boyd

Melanie Hertling

Dominique Greeff

Carla Bothma

Shirnelle Power

Irma Ferreira

Peter Catling

Gavin Green

Michaela Lippold

Pieter Eygelaar

Kelsey Neihaus | Macro Photography Workshop

Jimmy Yu

Now’s the perfect time to safely up your creative game with a host of new courses being offered online through the Orms Cape Town School of Photography. Be sure to take a look at the full range of online courses available now by visiting their website here.

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