A fascinating look at marine worms through the incredible macro photography of Russian biologist Alexander Semenov.

Alexander Semenov is more than just a Russian marine biologist with a passing interest in photography – he captures some of the most incredible underwater photographs we’ve come across!

Alexander Semenov 02

We first featured a selection of Alexander’s work back in 2011. Now he’s back with even better images – his latest series, Worms Renaissance, focusses on a type of animal that we rarely get to see on a daily basis: marine worms. From the description:

“What do you imagine when you hear the word “Worms”? Let me interrupt you – just scroll down and look. These are WORMS. Marine worms, polychaetes. From the depths of the cold White sea to the coral reefs of the Great Barrier in Australia. Some of them were collected recently and they are still undescribed! It’s only a drop in the whole diversity of polychates. Enjoy!”

These brilliantly captured images showcase the diverse and somewhat unnerving wildlife hiding in our oceans, or as Alexander puts it, “We have some badass worms over here!”

For more photos, visit Alexander’s website or view his Behance profile.

Alexander Semenov 03 Alexander Semenov 04 Alexander Semenov 05 Alexander Semenov 06 Alexander Semenov 07 Alexander Semenov 08 Alexander Semenov 09 Alexander Semenov 10 Alexander Semenov 11

Photographs shared under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial licence.