While preparing their new cookbook, Russell Smith spends a day shooting with Liam Tomlin from Chef’s Warehouse.

Posted by Russell Smith.

For the first five encounters or so after meeting Liam Tomlin, I hadn’t seen him cook a thing! But the sense you get when you meet him is that there is more going on than cooking – much more, in fact! Having just opened Chef’s Warehouse in Cape Town after successfully running restaurants in Oz, our paths crossed. After he realized that my pictures make him look good (ongoing joke we share) and some work we did together, exactly a year ago we joined forces and have been working on a book. Full of useful knowledge from preparing different cooking stocks and olive oils, step by steps on everything from shucking an oyster to making gnocchi, Liam has poured all his knowledge into this. I have been the lucky one to experience it first hand albeit behind a camera and not at the dinner table. We hope to have it on the shelves by Christmas and have already secured a publisher. Sorry for being so vague but it is all still in the early stages to be giving too much away. Here are some shots taken behind the scenes in his kitchen and school at Chef’s Warehouse.

Bailey is a big fan of our book especially when we shooting the meat chapters!

Post originally appeared on Russell’s blog. Russell is a prominent food and portraiture photographer based in Cape Town, but also enjoys to document his travels.


A Day With Liam Tomlin From Chef's Warehouse

  1. Looks interesting!! Good luck with your project, I have a similar project. Have not started yet. Putting a cook book together takes lots of time and work and HEY!!! you can put on some serious weight – be careful!!! LOL!!…but  Almost lunch time now….Stop talking food..All the best!!

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